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South Tyrol Weather forecasts

Weather forecasts of today, 27.05.24
Sun and clouds

Sun and clouds

Weather Conditions

The air masses will become more humid and unstable.

Today's Weather forecasts

Sun and clouds. In the afternoon local rain showers and thunderstorms.

Weather forecasts of tomorrow, 28.05.24
Initially rainy weather

Initially rainy weather

Weather Conditions

A cold front will cross the Alps in the morning.

Tomorrow's Weather forecasts

Initially the weather will be unsettled with precipitation. During the day, an improvement in the weather will arrive from the west. The precipitation will tend to subside initially in the Vinschgau Valley, later on also in the eastern sectors.

Next days Weather forecasts

Still unstable


20° / 26°
/ 12°

16° / 23°
/ 15°

14° / 21°
/ 13°

15° / 22°
/ 13°
70%  70%  70%  70%  
During the course of the day on Wednesday, the sky will be crossed by high clouds that may shield the sun at times. Isolated showers will not be completely excluded in the afternoon and evening. In the night between Wednesday and Thursday, precipitation will probably be more widespread. On Thursday, the weather will be unstable with sunny spells and a few showers. Perturbated weather with precipitation is expected on Friday. Variable conditions will persist on Saturday.
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